Sandra Van Doesburg


What does it mean to Try?
To try and make a difference…
To try and be the change….
To try and persevere even when times seem hopeless…
To try and be the ray of hope even when people say you cannot….

The word ‘Try’ holds a special significance and only those with a strong and persistent heart have succeeded in wielding this powerful tool. It is not for those who are weak and give up the minute they are presented with a
challenge. It is for those who stick through the toughest of times, those who challenge the status quo and question why we live in a world where we as humans manage to cripple and enslave ourselves with our conservative values and convictions.

CAC-Nepal and all its employees & members have been gifted with this immense power of ‘try’. Nepal has come a long way but still even in our major cities, we have not been able to close the gaps. We are modernizing day by day – huge malls and complexes are sprouting here and there, yet we live in a world where a human
is denied its basic rights.

As a child, am I not entitled to a citizenship in a Country I have been born and raised? Where my mother is a native and contributes to the development of the community? NO

As a Human, am I not entitled to make decisions on my own sexuality? NO

As a spouse, am I not entitled to file for divorce when I am a victim of domestic
violence every day? NO

As a child, am I not entitled to educate myself to build myself a future? NO

Nepal may have the laws but the legal procedure or the communal support to be able to confidently say YES to these questions do not exist. The day this happens, is the day that we can say that we as a country and citizens have achieved our fundamental rights and respect for one another. And till that day comes, what can
we do – we TRY!!

CAC-Nepal has been trying over the past 21 Years and has paved the way to succeed in various fronts regarding women & human rights! But the buck does not stop there. We as individuals need to take a powerful stance to ‘try’ and change Nepal for the better. Don’t look back and don’t be afraid – just put one foot forward
and dare to Try!

Sandra van Doesburg
Associate HR Manager
Colgate-Palmolive, Sweden
(Daughter of T.L. Amatya)