Work with us

Work With Us

Community Action Centre-Nepal (CAC-Nepal), a social non-profit, non-governmental organization, was established in April 1993 by a group of intellectuals, social workers and persons with experience in community development work. The Centre’s basic principle is based on the conviction that the paramount need is to develop in the people the spirit of working together in partnership or a team  to promote sustainable development with a special emphasis on women and children in the society.

We have been working since 21 years for making society better place to live for every one which will strictly prohibit  gender inequality and the diseases like HIV/AIDS inside the society. For enrolling such task for social welfare more actively ,we need more supporting hand.

So lets work together for making our society a pleasant,peace,intellectualize surrounding.We will be grateful to receive your  help.Thus we will like to Welcome all the people who have interest for different social service,contact us at our address and work with us.  Looking forward for your support.