CAC in Anti Trafficking

CAC in Anti Trafficking


Among the South Asian countries, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka serve mainly as countries of origin for trafficked women while India and Pakistan serve mainly as countries of destination for them. According to ILO/PEC more than 15,000 women and girls are trafficked every year from Nepal. To assist in raising awareness and combating this illegal and horrendous trade, the SAARC Countries have come together to fight against trafficking.

CAC-Nepal is a regional member on implimenting the SAARC convention on anti-trafficking and in July 2006 co-hosted the SAARC Regional Consultation on “Effective Implementation of the SAARC Convention on Trafficking”, in Kathmandu, Nepal. CAC-Nepal hosted delegates from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. The objectives of the consultation were to share the plans prepared by the SAARC Countries to implement the SAARC Convention on Trafficking, to update people on the findings of the planning process and to deliver a lobby document, based on its programme to the SAARC Secretariat.

The main findings of the Convention included the need to change the meaning of human trafficking beyond prostitution to include many other types of exploitation, to ensure that the Task Force on Prostitution has representatives from civil groups as well as government and law enforcement representatives, to establish a SAARC Rapporteur to monitor implementation and to allocate funds to help combat trafficking.
Click here for our SAARC Kathmandu Convention Report.

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