Beijing +20 Kavre District Consultation

Beijing +20 Kavre District Consultation

The Beijing Platform For Action (a fundamental instrument for advocacy and campaigns on women’s rights, equality, peace and development) and the 12 critical areas of concern were introduced during the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in September 1995. From 1995 till now the framework for women’s holistic development has set, but the development mechanism is still going on: CAC-Nepal/NNBN organized the District Consultation Beijing +20on July 1th to make various levels (government, non-government, local agencies and the media of Kavre-district) aware of the major improvements and problems in the lives of women and girls. The program lasted a half day.

Mr. Amit Shrestha, the program officer of the comprehensive package

for female sex workers in Kavre Palanchowk district  of Single Stream

of Funding (SSF) welcomed all the participants

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