We do believe that there is an enormous possibility to change this world. Each of us has the opportunity to make this change in a very small way, like all the drops of thoughts and actions which collaborate to create the ocean. Your small help will surely play a vital role. So please donate and be a part of the reform that we are trying to bring in the society. We will ensure that we can overcome the hard times of women and children in the society which will bring a new morning with a bright sunshine to the women and children who are living in the dark site of the society.

Help us provide Covid Care packages

Your donation will help marginalized children and women. Please kindly fill up the form to donate.

Name of the beneficiary: Community Action Centre Nepal ( CAC – Nepal )

Bank Name/Addresss: Nepal Investment Bank LTD.

Bank Location: Putalisadak (012), Kathmandu, Nepal

Bank Account Number: 01205030106592

Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

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