CAC in Safe Motherhood Programmes

CAC in Safe Motherhood Programmes

Safe Motherhood Programmes

Reproductive Health

In Nepal, barely 51% of the population are able to read and write and 48% of children remain underweight and malnourished. Therefore, CAC-Nepal has run Safe Motherhood Programmes in various districts in Nepal since the 1990′s. These workshops focus on the responsibility of the family for improving safer motherhood practices including family planning, nutrition and hygiene. This programme also dealt with the prevention of STI’s and HIV and AIDS. Currently as part of CAC-Nepal’s monthly interaction meetings, we educate women on safe sex, the risk of prolapsed womb, the importance of pap smear testing and planned parenting. Participants can also attend our STI Clinic, avail of free condoms and be referred to other organisations for health and legal services if necessary.

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