Peaceful dignified and equal society
CAC-Nepal is committed to empower women and children in who are at high risk to address their social issue.
By supporting women to become economically, socially and psychologically independent and self-reliant, and focusing on gender equity, we empower women’s position in the community, and thus strengthen the community, raising the living standards of women. Protecting children from all forms of abuse and maltreatment, ensuring their right to freedom and education.
Empowering women and protecting children and preventing all kinds of abuse within family and community. Taking action against the trafficking of women & children in Nepal. Taking action against domestic violence of women & children in Nepal and advocating on their behalf. Taking action against the spread HIV/AIDS & the sexual exploitation of women & children. End discrimination against HIV/AIDS-positive women and men in communities. Implementing awareness raising programs among high-risk child workers& child migrants. Building the sustainability of the organization by coordinating with national, regional and international donors. Conducting research work related to the issues of women and children.